Quality Assurance Schemes

THS has also recently expanded its services to offer a Quality Assurance Scheme. This is an extension of the existing services we currently deliver to several clients who operate as Cavity Wall, Internal Wall and Room in Roof System Designers and incorporates our popular pre-installation check services, such as CAVcheck, RIRIcheck, UFIcheck and IWIcheck.

The Scheme is delivered in line with the Trustmark Recognition Criteria and is compliant with the requirements of Annex B of PAS2035.

Why would you want to be part of a Quality Assurance Scheme?

There are a number of reasons why a System Designer would want a Quality Assurance Scheme. In addition to managing risk for your organisation, it demonstrates to third parties that you take your responsibilities seriously in terms of the end use of your product and its impact on people’s homes.

Being part of the THS Quality Assurance Scheme:

  • Demonstrates to Warranty Providers that you are delivering an additional level of assurance and helping to mitigate risk of future failure.
  • Demonstrates to your customers (the install network) that you are assisting them by reducing the risk of non-compliant installations.
  • Allows Retrofit Coordinators to legitimately reduce the inherent technical risk rating for a measure installed under PAS2035/PAS2030:2019.
  • Most importantly, demonstrates a commitment to improving the standard of installation in domestic retrofit and protecting consumer interests.

What does it involve?

There are certain elements of the Scheme which are requisite requirements that we as an independent Scheme Operator must undertake. There are other services you can provide yourself, and as a Scheme Operator, we can audit as part of our surveillance of your business. For certain services, we can assist you to develop them through another established peer organisation.

What will it cost for THS to operate our Quality Assurance Scheme?

Our pricing is bespoke to each organisation and is determined by the scale of your operation, including the number of systems you provide and the number of carded operatives and teams that fall under surveillance. There are also certain elements of the Scheme which we, as an independent party must undertake and others that you can undertake yourself or can outsource. In either case these will be audited as part of our compliance checks.

For more information about our bespoke packages, you can talk to one of our team who will be happy to undertake a brief needs analysis specific to your organisation.


Do installers have to take other related services from you?
No. If there are core services as part of Quality Assurance Scheme (e.g. Independent  Checking of the Pre-Installation Building Inspection) which are mandatory requirements then they should be utilised, but your installer is free to use any Retrofit Coordinator whether in-house or external and be accredited by any PAS Certification Body.

Do I have to choose a warranty from a certain warranty provider?
No, you are free to purchase a warranty from whoever you choose.

Does my installer have to register for Trustmark through THS Inspection Services Ltd?
No, your installer should already be registered through Trustmark via their Certification Body. They only need to provide their PAS ID and a few other basic details.

What if they are not registered with Trustmark?
They can still benefit from being part of the Quality Assurance Scheme. They can even still use our Pre-Install Check Services, but their URN from any Checking Services will not be valid for Eco compliance. Hopefully, this will encourage them to become accredited to PAS2030:2019 and help to expand use of the Retrofit Standards in other sectors where it is not currently a mandatory requirement.

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